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Electric Safety Tips

  • Keep combustibles (paper products, curtains, and other things that burn) away from heat sources like stoves, fireplaces, and heaters.

  • Store and use flammable liquids (gas, kerosene) only when outside in well-ventilated areas - and only use them under adult supervision.

  • Never use an electric appliance if you are wet or standing in water.

  • Always unplug power tools or appliances before trying to clean, adjust or move them.

  • Check the wattage of all bulbs in light fixtures to make sure they are the correct wattage for the fixture.

  • Check electrical outlets for loose-fitting plugs, which can overheat and lead to fire.

  • Replace missing or broken electrical plates.

  • Make sure electrical cords are in good shape.

  • Electrical cords should never be nailed or stapled to the wall, baseboard or other objects.

  • Do not place cords under carpets, rugs or other furniture.

  • Do not over load extension cords.

  • Make sure all electrical outlets and extension cord have safety closures to prevent young children from shock hazards and burns.

  • Make sure your plug fits the electrical outlet. Never remove the ground pin (Third Prong) to fit a into a two prong outlet.

  • Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters “GFCI’s” where water and electricity may come in contact.

  • Outdoor Safety
    Check for power lines in trees before using a ladder (even a wooden ladder)  or scaffolding.
    Check for power lines running through or near trees before trimming branches.  
    Install antennas away from power lines. Never go near or touch a fallen power line.
    Call your local Electric Utility or 911
    Do not throw anything over or at a power line, substation, or transformer.

  • If a power line falls on your car, stay in the car and try to drive away. Do not touch the metal parts of the car. If you can’t drive, wait for help. Call 911 for assistance if you have a cellular phone. If you must get out of the car, jump clear without touching the car and the ground at the same time.

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