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Natural Gas Safety Tips

  • Keep combustibles (paper products, curtains, and other things that burn) away from heat sources like stoves, fireplaces, and heaters. Avoid using or storing these products near the furnace: paint stripper, fabric or water softener, bleach, adhesives, or salt for melting ice. The chlorine or fluorine in these items can lead to furnace corrosion.

  • Store and use flammable liquids (gas, kerosene) only when outside in well-ventilated areas-and only use them under adult supervision.

  • Keep forced-air furnace filters clean. Clean the filters or replace them according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

  • If your owner's manual recommends it, oil the furnace fan, motor and bearings.

  • Keep your heat registers and cold-air returns clean so the air can flow properly.

  • Also, arrange your furniture and drapes so they don't block the air flow. Have a qualified heating contractor inspect your furnace or boiler annually.

  • A properly tuned furnace saves energy and helps avoid costly repairs. Check the flue to make sure it is clean and open.

  • Any fuel that does not burn completely can create harmful levels of carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a gas with no color, odor or taste. It can collect in your home if a fuel-burning appliance isn't working properly or venting, as it should. 

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